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Eclipse Security offers live support channels for direct sales and support. Live chat with our staff right from the web or mobile device.

Increase Sales

Eclipse Security only sells products to dealers, integrators and re-sellers. This means you Eclipse products are limited


Eclipse Security helps it's dealers with dedicated sealer websites, social marketing and SEO services. We help you drive business.

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Eclipse security understands that you have choices when it comes to selecting your security products provider. Our program was designed to help your business increase your ROI. The ECLIPSE Dealer Program was specifically created and modified over the past 20 yrs to deliver REAL PROFITS, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, MARKET IMPACT to our dealers.

Direct Source for Security Products

Eclipse offers Dealers direct access to a strong line of video security products, access control solutions, and related peripherals. Products include:

  • Eclipse Access Control Solutions
  • Eclipse HD Hybrid Recorders
  • Eclipse Tribrid Recorders
  • Video Analytics
  • HD Megapixel IP Cameras
  • HD Analog Cameras and Systems
  • Mobile Vehicle Security Solutions
  • City Wide Video Monitoring Software

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